Chicago State University Student’s Research on Urban Crime and Police Transparency Spawns Bluetooth Solution

A Chicago based startup, Practical Mobilewear LLC, (FMW) is working with a gathering of understudies from Chicago State College to discover answers for internal city wrongdoing and police straightforwardness issues utilizing portable innovations.

“Because of our R&D in the territory of new age individual security instruments we are currently ready to dispatch Periscope, Livestream and the ACLUs MobileJustice applications from remote controls utilizing Bluetooth innovation. This huge leap forward combined with our hands free wearable framework empowers anybody with a cell phone to in a split second live stream whatever is going ahead in their region while the recording of that occasion happens some place in the cloud,” said Max Davis the organizer of FMW.

He goes ahead to state, “The understudies at Chicago State have been basic to these improvements and it is a delight to work close by them as we handle these urban group issues through innovative employments of innovation.”

PR Contact: Glenn Clarke

About Useful MobileWear

Useful MobileWear produces reasonable & wearable new age individual insurance devices highlighting Bluetooth moment live stream with remote recording.

About Chicago State College

Chicago State College (CSU) is an open, far reaching college that gives access to advanced education to understudies of different foundations and instructive needs.

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