ASG Software Solutions Teams up with Promark to Broaden Channel Network for its Data Protection Suite

ASG Programming Arrangements (ASG), a perceived pioneer in big business IT programming arrangements, today reported it has chosen Promark, an Ingram Miniaturized scale organization and head esteem included merchant of information stockpiling arrangements, as a dispersion accomplice in North America for the ASG-Information Security portfolio. This portfolio involves industry-driving reinforcement and chronicling arrangements, for example, ASG-Time Pilot, ASG-Live Guide and ASG-Advanced Document.

There are some pervasive patterns right now characterizing the information insurance market, and ASG’s information assurance arrangements are at the bleeding edge of the market. The craving to keep a heterogeneous domain, blending virtual and physical servers in datacenters, is solid. This makes it basic for reinforcement answers for have the capacity to secure both physical and virtual servers, which is one of ASG-Time Guide’s key components. ASG-Live Pilot conveys a basic answer for secure information at end-focuses when 38 percent of organizations’ key information is discovered solely on portable workstations and just a single out of three organizations has a security system for going down this information. Long haul information maintenance of key corporate data is another developing pattern collecting high perceivability in official circles, and ASG-Advanced File is an elite programming arrangement that jelly vast volumes of business information in open organization for long terms, while permitting end clients to find and recover fancied resources utilizing metadata.

“We are eager to work with Promark to address the information insurance needs of the North American market through Promark’s immense affiliate channel. We see extraordinary esteem in these capacity centered affiliates,” says Michael Mayer, VP of channel deals, ASG Programming Arrangements. “With Promark’s channel ability we are sure that we can cooperatively manufacture a profound system of particular stockpiling affiliates for ASG’s information security arrangements over the Assembled States and Canada.”

“Promark is a capacity situated, esteem included wholesaler. We offer channel accomplices answers for fulfill their client’s protected IT foundation and information necessities. ASG’s information assurance arrangements extend our capacity offerings with server reinforcement, whether it be virtual or physical, and in addition long haul information filing,” says Dale Cultivate, official executive and general chief, Promark Innovation.

The ASG Information Assurance Suite is a superior, adaptable answer for heterogeneous situations with a refined information reestablish work. ASG offers finish undertaking server information insurance, including virtual machines, and in addition assurance for databases, portable PCs and desktop PCs, to guarantee all information inside an association is legitimately secured and saved.

About ASG Programming Arrangements

ASG Programming Arrangements associates refinement and involvement with nimbleness and mechanical effectiveness, through its seller skeptic cloud, substance and frameworks arrangements. ASG helps organizations tackle today’s most squeezing business issues, including everything from decreasing working expenses and improving workforce efficiency to guaranteeing administrative consistence. With clients like American Express, Coca-Cola, GE, HSBC, IBM, Lockheed Martin, Merrill Lynch, Procter & Bet, Sony, Toyota, Verizon, and Wells Fargo, ASG can gladly say that more than 70 percent of worldwide Fortune 500 organizations confide in it to streamline their current IT speculations. Established in 1986, ASG Programming Arrangements is a worldwide organization headquartered in Naples, Florida, USA, with more than 1,200 representatives. For more data, visit or discover us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or YouTube.

About Promark Innovation

Promark Innovation, an Ingram Miniaturized scale organization, is one of the head esteem included wholesalers (VAD) in the Unified States. Promark’s center innovation center is dispersing information stockpiling and electronic report imaging items and arrangements through a two-level appropriation channel offering to esteem included affiliates (VARs) and framework integrators. Promark influences its immediate associations with world class innovation accomplices to give arrangements that meet the most requesting needs of its clients. Promark offers proficient administrations in application combination, reinforcement and recuperation, arrange enhancement, stockpiling executions and catastrophe recuperation arrangements. To take in more about Promark Innovation call 800.634.0255 or visit

Affiliates and arrangements suppliers keen on offering ASG information security arrangements ought to contact Promark by telephone at +1.800.634.0255 (US) or online at

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