Mediumship as a Doorway to Christ: Pat Chalfant’s Newest Video Demonstrates that EVP’s and NDE’s Can Open the Doorway to Christ

Affirmed Mystic Medium Congratulatory gesture Chalfant has declared the arrival of a video that exhibits that electric voice marvels (EVP) and close demise encounters (NDE) can both serve as the entryway to Christ. Notwithstanding which terms we use to depict the truth that lies past the shroud of real recognition, we have come to acknowledge that this reality can get through every so often through different means. Genuine mediums (rather than the stage rendition or the stimulation type of mediumship) have a special blessing that permits them to collaborate with that measurement. The outcomes can amaze and, now and again, startling.

In one such case, Medium Pat Chalfant unexpectedly pulled in a manly soul individual to her online Mystic church meeting quite a long while back. It happened in an online Skype meeting when she happened to address that day. She was unconscious of him since her eyes were shut as she talked (she routinely addresses online with eyes shut). Three ladies living in three distinct states: California, Oregon, and Arizona who had contemplated mediumship with her and went to that day saw a man on their PC screens as he crossed from Praise’s lobby entryway through the room where Pat’s administration was held, going behind Pat at her PC and vanishing at the window close to her. Later, she discovered that there are many attempting to create hardware with which to catch this kind of thing on Skype and that, if this was a honest to goodness event, it would be considered very uncommon.

Books about electronic voice marvels (EVP) like “Supernatural occurrences in the Tempest,” by Stamp H. Macy, stretch that these correspondences originate from the Opposite side of life. They portray that side as being what some call Paradise, what others call the astral plane, or Summerland, and so forth. Pat Chalfant now considers: In the event that we can see glorious spirits on earth, in what manner can Christ ever be far from us? Mr. Macy’s book expresses that there is a citation in the Book of scriptures alluding to something that makes it seem like EVP may have been thought about in those long prior circumstances.

We know additionally that those encountering NDE’s regularly report Christ helping them to evaluate their “Life after death Survey” and introducing on voyages through the Opposite Side, also. Whatever elucidation one may apply to what, for Pat, is a never-to-be-overlooked Mystic meeting, she trusts her report of it might reinforce the conviction of numerous others in life after death, also. Many spirits who convey through Mr. Macy’s EVP setup genuinely wish to console all of us of life after death, also, as per the messages they bring to and through him.

Pat’s uplifting book, ‘Soul Lights A Way To Mediumship’, clarifies how Pat, a genuine doubter in regards to such matters, created mediumship capacities and now carries on with an existence changed by the profound. Mediumship is a dubious issue and Pat comprehends this, however she likewise trusts that valid mediumship holds the guarantee of genuine advantages for humankind that have not been completely investigated.

Notwithstanding offering one-on-one customer meetings, Gesture of congratulations has penned the ‘Soul Lights Melody Book’ and three of those tunes are in the National Mystic Relationship of Places of worship psalm book. There are tests of the words and music on her site,, and ‘Soul Lights’ melody books available to be purchased there, as well. She does readings for customers by telephone and shows mediumship advancement classes. She has likewise made a DVD entitled ‘Soul Lights Improvement DVD’.

Pat Chalfant’s Youtube channel is presently accessible at

Congratulate Chalfant is as of now showing up on The Creators Appear. Her meeting is accessible now at The Creators Indicate site. ‘Soul Lights A Way To Mediumship’ is accessible at her site and at Amazon. Pat is accessible for media meets and can be achieved utilizing the data beneath or by email at She is additionally accessible for uplifting addresses. More data can be found at her site at

Oregon Mystic Medium Pat Chalfant’s astonishing psychic endowments have helped several people around the world. Congratulate has composed a section on parapsychology and talked with Hollywood stars and the psychics who read for them for a national daily paper. Different subjects she’s educated and expounded on are: past life treatment, demise and biting the dust, the Edgar Cayce work, the Cathars, and Otherworldly recuperating.

The Relationship for Past Life Research and Treatments pamphlet distributed a progression of her meetings with specialists, analysts, and trance specialists who were all west drift pioneers of past life treatment. Pat trusts that arrangement is bound to wind up distinctly a book.

She educates universally on the web and irregularly has an online Mystic circle, Soul Lights Sanctuary.

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