An “Open Letter” from the National Council on US-Libya Relations to Congratulate Donald Trump on his Election as the Next President of the United States of America

As a not-for-profit association of American specialists on Libyan undertakings, we commend your administration as a chance to reconsider and seek after a deliberately stable arrangement on Libya. One, that most importantly certifications the geo-vital interests of America and its partners in the area.

Libya, despite the fact that itself is not a most astounding need for U.S. outside arrangement, is presently going to wind up distinctly a danger for indispensable American key interests in the more extensive district. It must be managed and be critically settled before it turns into a political weight in the years to come.

Instead of practicing a confident arrangement of battling psychological militants in Libya, the USA drove “from behind” and adjust a system of cooperation with radical religious gatherings not long after its intercession to topple Gadhafi in 2011. Moreover, the US organization has failed by supporting, furnishing and preparing radical civilian armies which prompted its strengthening and the extension of foe Jihadi gatherings over the entire of Libya and the Sahel locale. Still, the Unified States keeps up a positive notoriety in Libya and the MENA locale with circumstances flourish to right mistakes of the past and grow commonly valuable relations in the area.

Sound approach relies on upon solid data and a nuanced comprehension of complex substances. Shockingly, past organization, encompassed by average supposed specialists on Libya and haughty media outlets in Washington have declined guidance and demanded seeking after imperfect arrangements on Libya and the Center East.

The National Chamber on U.S. Libya Relations was built up to unite the first specialists on Libyan political and financial issues to get ready and prescribe approach arrangements that serve the common interests of the USA, Libya and its area. As you graph the course of U.S. – Libya and Center East relations throughout the following four years, we extend our hand to you in organization and welcome a discussion with you and your MENA approach group.

The mission of the National Gathering on US-Libya Relations is to scatter data about Libya and to reinforce relations between the Unified States and Libya.

National Gathering on US Libya Relations (NCUSLR’s) main goal is intended to better teach the US open on Libya and to advance relations between the general population of the two nations. NCULSR was as of late settled as a non-benefit association with an assessment excluded status.

Relations amongst USA and Libya incorporate numerous basic features which incorporate training, culture, exchange and numerous others for which the key for its prosperity is great data – which is unpleasantly inadequate with regards to today.

Since Libya’s autonomy in 1951, the USA has highly esteemed its capacity to outline and actualize a develop and first rate outside US approach in its connection to Libya.

All the more as of late, and in especially in the course of the most recent ten years, it gives the idea that the National Security Committee, State Office, the US media and people in general have gotten to be indented with deception about Libya, for the most part sustained by outside intrigue gatherings and governments, to the disservice of the improvement of a sound US arrangement on Libya and its interests in the locale on the loose.

Many have communicated worry with the continuation of the penetration of such risky falsehood and its negative impact on US interests for such a large number of years.

Libyans and American, people, government and Non-government associations have regularly communicated feelings to this matter yet without an engaged exertion, have not been powerful in giving the essential instructed sentiment on Libya to the US open.

NCULSR means to be the point of convergence to these suppositions which speak to a most huge extent of the Libyan individuals and their future.

Hani Shennib, M.D, Seat NCUSLR

602 540 7577

Hassan Sassi, PHD, Bad habit Seat NCUSLR

213 663 8927

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