The Next Medium-to-Long-Term Management Plan and Offering of New Stocks Through Third-Party Allocation

[Background and reason for the reserve raising]

We have been building up our mail-arrange business under the aphorisms, we will never make inadequate items and continue creating hostile to maturing beautifiers that is the most noteworthy quality on the planet, and we ought to be an awesome against maturing restorative organization that is outstanding to just those with a legitimate comprehension of excellence on the planet.

Our amazing items have obtained many rehash buyers with insignificant promoting. We burn through cash for the fixings and looking into new impacts. We have developed a business technique with such a cost structure. Also, we are the main organization that delivers ladies’ and men’s high-worked items with 1% of high-review hostile to maturing fixing in Japan.

We have wanted to take a market sharing rapidly because of dynamic and fast promoting and development of our great notoriety, and to issue new stocks to give higher esteem to hostile to maturing makeup industry. We trust that we require a solid budgetary base to continue delivering viable beautifying agents that are not impacted by pattern in this focused hostile to maturing restorative industry. At that point, despite everything we intend to be the best hostile to maturing corrective organization on the planet.

(1) Sort and measure of stock for membership

Basic load of our organization 200,000 shares (Stock split soon)

(2) Style of membership and portion

Outsider allotment

(3) Evaluated measure of obtainment goal

10,000 JPY according to (Stock split soon), Aggregate 2 Billion JPY.


1. The utilization of the store

(1) The utilization of the store we will get this time

Taking after our medium-to-long haul administration arrange, we will utilize the store to decidedly promote our organization, build great notoriety, furthermore spend the reserve for hardware orders.

(2) The Impact on our business execution

We trust that the issue of new stocks will reinforce our money related standing, make a benefit in a short or a medium-to-long haul, and significantly add to the following period of our business development.

[The basic elements of the following medium-to-long haul administration plan]

1. Interest in a full-scale publicizing and development of good notoriety

2. Taking a market sharing at a medium to high class hostile to maturing restorative market rapidly

3. Development of an astounding/proficiency organization whose objective benefit is 40% 4. Obtaining of offers systems and a collaboration impact by utilization of M&A and so on.

5. Going for Initial public offering at the briefest period

6. Expecting to have a tremendous lead at the business, and to improve our items because of include more fixings that are viable with respect to the diminished costs in view of quest for monetary proficiency

7. Passage into a business that is hard to section, great at anticipating of impersonation and has a solid cooperative energy with existing business

8. Taking an outside market rapidly with our high-review items

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