REDRUM Releases “I Burn” EP With Concepts Taboo And Dangerous With Delivery

Beginning with the Single “I Smolder” which highlights Jackie Gleason and Workmanship Carney, The EP is reviving as it strays from the generally accepted way to go intentionally, even into hazardous zones considered unthinkable, when the Rapper rhymes about haven living conditions a solitary lady with tyke manages in New York City on his track “Making My Stamp”.

“This record is an announcement, a few educators are instructed to seclude the issue understudies from whatever is left of the children, rather than attempting to contact them inventively. I was one of those children growing up, and nobody attempted to extension that crevice ” – says Redrum, talking on his track “Music”.

Pulling from recollections growing up making it claim his own particular depending vigorously on music that addressed him to make an association that generally won’t not be made, he chose to make a record to do likewise for this era. “This is an alternate EP, it’s up beat. Everyone isn’t experiencing the most noticeably bad time in their lives regular, that is the reason I chose to make this energizing and intuitive, something you can touch.” – says Redrum

The I Smolder EP is accessible now for nothing download at – EP-mixtape.691500.html

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