Benjamin K. Phipps Founded Phipps & Howell in 1965

Benjamin K. Phipps, Senior Accomplice at Phipps & Howell has been perceived for demonstrating devotion, authority and magnificence in law.

With five many years of involvement in his field, Mr. Phipps is known for his mastery in state and nearby tax assessment. He speaks to citizens in case, arranging, and before the lawmaking body. Besides, he counsels with exchange affiliations and companies who are keen on the arrangement and drafting of duty enactment or directions.

Since the age of 13, Mr. Phipps knew he needed to be a legal advisor. Finishing in his scholarly vocation, he earned a LLB from the College of Virginia School of Law in 1958 and a CMI Assignment in Property Assess from the Establishment of Experts in Tax assessment.

Mr. Phipps is a chief of the Florida Board of Property Expense Legal advisors. He was Seat of the Assessment Area of the Florida Bar and Seat of the Publication Leading body of the Florida Bar News/Diary. Mr. Phipps has been incorporated into “Best Legal advisors” since 2012, Florida’s “Lawful First class” since 2011, and he has been positioned as “transcendent” by Martindale Hubble for a long time. He is likewise recorded in’s Who in America.

He is dynamic, outside of law, in notable safeguarding and backings the Exhibition hall of Florida History, and expressions of the human experience.

Whenever asked, Mr. Phipps expressed that he had no arrangements to resign.

Phipps & Howell is a law practice that gives state and nearby tax assessment, administrative undertakings and campaigning, common suit, and human services law administrations.

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