25th Anniversary of Classic Rave Tune “Someday” See’s Original Producer Return the Track to its Roots. Set to be this Year’s Summer Anthem!

Christmas 1991, 2am on a Wednesday morning, and maker Jezz Wright has quite recently done his old companion Shane some help. He’s crushed him in for a fast recording session to record an adaptation of CeCe Rogers Great House track Sometime in the future – the main issue is they have three hours and Jezz is amidst another creation which implies in the event that he won’t shut down, there’s just 3 seconds of test time left on his sampler.

Be that as it may, not to be hindered Jezz bashes down an estimate of the piano, strings, bassline, squiggle and several break-beats that Shane, then 33% of Fluid, provided. He tests only four words from CeCe and makes the anthemic vocal riff on the console, tosses a basic 8 bar dreary game plan together and puts an unpleasant blend down on some clean tape. The trio (Shane had brought his mate Eamon along) consent to get together again to complete the blend. Be that as it may, they never do. Rather Shane & Eamon squeezed up a couple of thousand white names which had a prompt effect in the clubs, marked the incomplete track to XL, and on Walk 21st 1992 Fluid’s Sweet Congruity moved to Number 15 in the UK Best 20. The rest, as it’s been said, is rave history. In spite of remixing the track and completing the vocals to all the more nearly take after CeCe Rogers magnum opus – recording architect and maker Jezz never got the opportunity to discharge the completed form.

In any case, quick forward 25 years after the fact and mission achieved. Following a 20 year nonattendance from the recording studio Jezz has collaborated with DJ Weight M (Stamp Wright) and Afro-American vocalist Nikki J to at long last re-record the completed item that never was and pay genuine tribute to Ce’s exemplary house song of praise.

Jezz comments “You can’t turn the clock back – yet you can twist it up once more. It’s been 25 years really taking shape – and now another era can value this famous track as it may have been” This is not ‘Sweet Amicability’ this is “Sometime in the not so distant future” – a genuine cover variant of CeCe Rogers perfect work of art – an adaptation that sounds more like a fitting tribute to the first, while in the meantime tipping the cap to the first rave era however with a sprinkle of now!

About Strong house

Strong house was a recording studio and recording venture in the late 80’s/Mid 90’s situated in Stratford, East London. It likewise brought forth a little co-agent not-revenue driven move mark to feature a portion of the ability that gone through its entryways.

Imaginative break-beat creations that have stood the trial of time. Today Strong house is the studio name for this recording venture highlighting Weight M (Check Wright), Jezz and vocalist Nikki.

Check has been a DJ since 1987 and added to spreading the developing house sound crosswise over London and past in those early days. He put in quite a long while as inhabitant at the Service of Sound for Missing and the Powerhouse in East London. He included at a number of the World Move occasions over the UK and also working in Ibiza and the US. Check is amped up for being back in the studio, he commented that “House Music has been an unmistakable classification for as long as 25 years and this is an energizing time to be back in the studio making music once more, for another era.” Here’s to Ibiza, Summer 2017!

Strong house – Sometime is out on itunes/Google Play/Amazon in addition to other advanced outlets through the Meet name: first June 2017 (four distinct flavors)



Promo recordings: https://goo.gl/P71Dm8

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