‘The Mystery Of Moutai’ eBook Is Free On Amazon May 29 – June 2, 2014

Creator G. X. Chen reported today that her Digital book The Riddle of Moutai will be recorded for nothing on Amazon from today, May 29th, through June 2, 2014.

In The Secret of Moutai, an adolescent returns home from school to locate an abhorrent scene: the loft he imparts to his mom, Shao Mei, in Boston’s Chinatown has been stripped and she is dead. There is a container of Moutai- – the most extraordinary and costly Chinese alcohol – left at the scene and hints of rodent toxic substance in one of the two shot glasses on the kitchen counter. This was apparently a crime, however who could be the executioner?

Ann Lee and Tooth Chen, dear companions of the casualty, collaborate with the Boston police to illuminate this beguiling wrongdoing: why might anybody need to kill an innocuous moderately aged lady, one who acted as an unassuming mailroom representative, with no cash, no associations, and apparently, no foes?

Understanding that critical pieces of information behind the thought process might be covered somewhere down in the casualty’s past, they go to Beijing, where Shao Mei put in over fifty years of her life. While there, encompassed by the ancient pieces of China’s rich and complex history, they falter unwittingly into an interlacing riddle and peril. Dreading for their lives yet resolved to go ahead, they wind up uncovering an embarrassment more tricky and expansive than either could have envisioned.

“A traditional murder riddle made really outstanding on account of the charming and refreshingly flighty heroes.” – Kirkus Surveys

Download the ignite form of ‘The Puzzle of Moutai’ for nothing on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00JOWF4Y2

G.X. Chen is a consultant who lives in Boston (both of her puzzle books are situated in Boston). She for all time moved from China to the US after Tiananmen Slaughter in 1989. G.X. Chen’s already distributed books incorporate The Secret of Vengeance (a riddle novel) and Overlook Me Not: A Romantic tale of the East (a memorable fiction/sentiment) and a few different books in Chinese. To take in more, go to http://gxchen.tateauthor.com/

To plan a meeting with G.X. Chen or demand an audit duplicate of The Secret of Moutai, please contact Kelsey McBride at Kelsey@BookPublicityServices.com

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