New iPhone RV Navigation App

Driving a Recreational Vehicle (RV) can be hazardous and confounded, another route application makes the procedure more secure and simpler. Utilizing a well known iPhone or iPad can make the RV route directing and arranging process more fun, simple, and safe. Print has had some expertise in giving truck particular route to the trucking business and now offers SmartRVRoute for RV driven constant route with state-of-the-art maps.

Print spearheaded the utilization of versatile GPS for truck and RV route starting in 2008. Presently the organization has discharged a RV driven route program called SmartRVroute The application offers uncommon settings for RV drivers permitting setup of any class RV or trailer. The driver can enter any tallness and weight setup and the GPS will course the driver on streets appropriate for RV travel maintaining a strategic distance from low extensions and weight confined zones. Likewise, the GPS will maintain a strategic distance from passages and expressways when suitable.

The SmartRVroute application associates with in-house directing servers situated in Boston, Massachusetts to permit RV drivers to utilize the inherent GPS of the telephone or tablet to make RV particular courses with the additional advantages of live guide redesigns and live movement. The product considers RV confinements and additionally the vehicle tallness and weight. SmartRVroute helps drivers maintain a strategic distance from expensive tickets and gives extra wellbeing. Turn by turn visual and voice guidelines permit the driver to utilize the handset hands free while exploring.

As indicated by Marleen Winer, Extend Supervisor, Print, “We are satisfied to give a practical and advantageous approach to acquire moment RV particular courses for route along these lines lessening the anxiety level of getting to your excursion goal securely and pleasantly.”

SmartRVroute Key Elements and Advantages:

* Maintains a strategic distance from Low Scaffolds and different risks

* Utilizations natural simple to utilize iPhone or iPad

* Ongoing route with turn by turn voice directions

* Moment enactment without the requirement for protracted guide downloads, offers prompt RV particular steering upon buy, no holding up time.

* Element directing in light of size and weight of vehicle, client determinable RV determinations.

* Maintains a strategic distance from passages and other confined territories as proper.

SmartRVroute is accessible for both Apple and Android gadgets. An occasional arrangement is about $30, other shorter and longer term arrangements are additionally accessible. For additional data contact Print Organization at 1-800-717-4478, 1-617-542-6220 or visit

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