Don’t Want to Get Sick? Now There’s a Fitbit App for That – achu !

Following quite a while of innovative work, the achu application has propelled on Google Play and iTunes, and is accessible for nothing! Datapult, Inc. today revealed its front line, patent pending application – in the nick of time for cool and influenza season. achu works solely with Fitbit to give the client an intelligent affair that predicts your wellbeing designs.

“We understood that there was a huge requirement for an application that can utilize the information that we are effectively sustaining into our wellbeing trackers and wearables every day that would truly have any kind of effect in foreseeing our future wellbeing, not simply observing what we’ve done previously,” said Tony Peticca, originator of Datapult. “achu utilizes information from past examples in our movement that prompted a frosty or influenza, and empowers us to take more control over perceiving those examples going ahead with the goal that we can take the suitable activities to battle the approaching ailment.”

How does achu function? It’s basic. Download the application and adjust it with your Fitbit account. When you have indications – from weakness to fever – you log it into your achu application. achu then uses your Fitbit information to caution you when your body is hinting at a sickness, for example, an influenza or chilly, before it really happens. By following examples in your body paving the way to an infection, this exclusive innovation will caution you of your approaching disease. achu will likewise give day by day wellbeing tips to keep you spurred and very much educated to evade future affliction, and lead a solid way of life.

“The more intuitive you are with achu, the more exact it will be in helping you to remain solid,” clarifies Michael Morra, CTO of Datapult. “When you feel drained, throbbing, hot, stuffy – whatever the side effect, you align the achu application, and it will then begin to match information from past readings. It will then effectively screen your wellbeing to search for comparable information designs that propose that you’re becoming ill, before you feel a throb or agony.”

At the point when other cool and influenza cures just won’t do, now you have achu

About Datapult Inc.

Datapult is an imaginative application studio that spotlights on building applications that are customized to their clients and interesting. Datapult wires the force of information science and wearable innovation to accomplish these objectives. Datapult recognizes the significance of making an enthusiastic bond with clients of an application and is effectively constructing innovation to make achu perfect with most wellbeing armlets.

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