Alumnify to Win USD’s Annual V2 Bi-National Entrepreneurship Competition

For four hours the previous evening, the seven finalist (four from the U.S. what’s more, three from Mexico) of USD’s yearly V2 Bi-National Business Rivalry accumulated to offer pitches to a board of blessed messenger speculators. The four USD finalist were chosen of a sum of 55 participants. These four organizations were additionally allowed to have a take a seat and have a one-on-one with every financial specialist.

After much pondering, the Heavenly attendant Financial specialists – Allison Long Pettine, Tom Breitling, Navid Alipour – decided how to part up the $50,000 money prize. Three of the finalist, Rivolix, Fundpal and TwoLikeYou, brought home a consolidated aggregate of $10,000, leaving a great prize of $40,000 for the champ of the opposition, Alumnify. This aggregate was stunning to the individuals from Alumnify exhibit the previous evening. The fantastic prize rewards is by a long shot one of the biggest to be given out at the V2 Rivalry; the last victor, OnMyBlock, won $15,000 in 2013. The rewards will go towards fabricating every organization.

Alumnify is amped up for the stupendous prize, particularly since the opposition was so extraordinary this year. Part of the Alumnify group had gone to the occasion: AJ Agrawal, the President who gave the pitch, Eghosa Aihie, the CFO of Alumnify, and Amy Kittisoros, the CMO of the organization. Every part was overwhelmed by the board’s choice and were amazingly thankful for such an awesome prize. The Alumnify group is additionally grateful for all the considerable support from the USD people group and the quickening agent program they are a part of in South Carolina – T Short 6.

“We are so energized for winning the V2 rivalry at the College of San Diego. Our voyage began ideal on the USD grounds, so having the capacity to state that they have financed our wander is one of the best achievements we have accomplished in this way. The prize cash we have won will be utilized to develop our College customer base, and also keeping on enrolling astonishing individuals for our group,” AJ Agrawal expressed.

Alumnify is an area based proficient systems administration application that empowers correspondence between commonly intrigued graduated class. Utilizing LinkedIn profiles, Alumnify pulls clients’ expert data and utilizations channels to match potential graduates who are well on the way to have comparative intrigue in view of their geolocation, industry, and training. This makes an occupation organizing instrument that cultivates connections in view of the partiality clients have with their College that is fun and addicting.

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