Author G. J. Berger Receives ‘Recommended’ Review From Historical Novel Society For Debut Historical Novel, ‘South Of Burnt Rocks, West Of The Moon’

G. J. Berger’s authentic fiction novel, ‘South Of Smoldered Rocks, West Of The Moon’, has gotten a gleaming “prescribed” survey from the Verifiable Novel Society .

This exceedingly regarded, worldwide society surveys US and UK standard distributed verifiable titles and other English dialect books. The gathering holds rivalries to find new writers and meetings uniting writers and perusers.

Berger expressed, “The Chronicled Novel Society is both the go-to hotspot for mates of recorded fiction and a magnificent asset for creators. Accepting this audit is, to this point, the high point for my presentation recorded novel.”

As an author, G. J. Berger plans to transport perusers to spots and times accessible no place else. ‘South Of Blazed Rocks, West Of The Moon’ is based upon and around the occasionally heard stories of Celtic battling ladies.

“South Of Smoldered Rocks” has effectively gotten fine audits from various commentators. Kirkus Audits expressed, “Intelligently composed, the novel moves quickly….The straightforward yet effective account depends on a charging cast of characters,… Berger perfectly makes them as more than one-dimensional warriors….Berger likewise manufactures an intricate world loaded with little subtle elements that include profundity and recorded setting.”

Amazing Non mainstream players posted a survey that expressed to some extent, “Composed with an immersing expansiveness of insight about the Celts and the Romans, with a thoughtful inclination towards the general population on both sides of the contention, and with a profundity of information that he grants easily to the peruser, G J Berger has composed a convincing story of experience, strength, vengeance and love. The primary characters emerge against a supporting cast of well-drawn minor characters. Pacing is sublime, driving the peruser onwards.”

The Authentic Novel Society survey echoes these with, “Berger’s very much looked into and fascinating novel . . . . Berger’s remarkable ability for mixing set pieces and holding activity groupings . . . also, truly prevails with regards to bringing this day and age alive.”

G.J. Berger is accessible for media meets and can be achieved utilizing the data beneath or by email at ‘South Of Smoldered Rocks, West Of The Moon’ is accessible at Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Respectable and generally book shops. The full audit is accessible at the Authentic Novel Society’s site at More data, including a Creators Demonstrate meeting, is accessible at Berger’s site at

Whenever G. J. was eight, his mother recounted to him the account of Hannibal intersection the Alps with elephants and an incredible armed force. He asked her what happened to Hannibal after that. Mother didn’t have an inkling, however he was snared, needed to discover, needed to expound on it.

G. J. spent a lot of his young life out and about and adrift, notwithstanding filling in as a team part on a tramp steamer. Wherever his voyages took him, old dividers, waterways, even capacity gaps somewhere down in the ground, made him ponder about how they arrived, about the general population who manufactured them, how they lived and got along.

The outcome is this and two different books to-be wherein the spots, the history, even a portion of the ‘Blazed Rocks’ characters do and existed.

At the point when not composing, G. J. tries to meander around the spots he expounds on, likes to sit and drench up the circumstances in those days and convey them to present day life in his stories. G. J. is persuaded that for every one of the adjustments in most recent 2000 years, individuals adored and detested, endured and celebrated, pulverized and worked in an indistinguishable courses then from they do today.

G. J. lives in San Diego with his most loved grammarian and English Teacher.

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