All Tanco Bale Wrappers, Bale Shears & Parts In-Stock! 800-733-0275

Hamilton Hardware 800-733-0275 is the selective US shipper & wholesaler of all Tanco entire merchandise and parts, including Tanco parcel wrappers and bundle shears.

We stock the Tanco Display 1514T Round Bunch Wrapper – With two wrap arms, the 1514T is a quick wrapper accomplishing twofold the speed of a one arm wrapper. Twin bunches additionally can be wrapped in a solitary pack. A “pivot after wrap” include permits multi-situating of wrapped square bundles.

We additionally offer the Tanco Turning Arm 1300 Arrangement which can be acquired for three point hitch mount or front loader mount. Highlights incorporate two freely determined rollers to guarantee smooth and predictable turn, double extend container, pressure driven cut and begin, and the bunch stop roller bolster.

What’s more, Tanco’s progressive Bundle Shear Show 170 permits you to nourish wrapped parcels without cutting the plastic wrapping or mesh. The parcel shear works by grasping the net and plastic wrap while part the bundle down the middle.

Hamilton Hardware 800-733-0275 additionally stocks the full line of OEM Tanco parts!

For entire products, call 800-733-0275 and request Ron or Shelly. For parts, request Harold.

Visit us at to see our Tanco bunch wrappers and a video of the Tanco bundle shear in real life!

Hamilton Gear, Inc. has been a homestead gear distributer for a long time.


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