LEGO Serious Play Supports Six Sigma Quality Efforts

Having since a long time ago spread past the assembling part since its presentation in the mid-1980s, it’s evaluated that the greater part of all Fortune 500 organizations and more noteworthy than 80 percent of Fortune 100 organizations are utilizing Six Sigma procedures to enhance business operations.

Past that, advantages of Six Sigma to diminish variety, enhance yield consistency, increment consumer loyalty, and support changes are being acknowledged in human services, money related administrations, different administration businesses, and additionally numerous aspects of the general population part.

This article investigates how one specific assistance handle, LEGO Genuine PLAY (LSP) is preferably suited to bolster Six Sigma work in associations who grasp this very powerful and organized group way to deal with quality change.


Precisely how LSP bolsters Six Sigma quality endeavors turns out to be clear when taking a gander at the five periods of Six Sigma- – Characterize, Measure, Break down, Enhance, and Control (DMAIC).


As the primary, bearing setting venture in the Six Sigma prepare, groups make an issue explanation (distinguish what should be settled). Part of LSP: For evident authoritative issues for which there is a lot of information to bolster, no mediation might be vital; be that as it may, it is all around recognized that growing clear and precise shared mental models is a standout amongst the most troublesome difficulties of collaboration. In these cases, LSP is preferably suited to guarantee the Six Sigma group starts with a mutual comprehension of the issue to be tended to.


Notwithstanding information gathering that builds up gauge measures and comprehend underlying driver amid the measure stage, Six Sigma groups likewise take part in deciding procedure capacity – what the future procedure may resemble. Part of LSP: The connection amongst LSP and Six Sigma in this stage is extremely solid. Since LSP includes the utilization of building physical, 3-D LEGO curios that speak to thoughts and procedures, neurologically, this arranges for the working memory of colleagues for thought era and imaginative considering.


Furnished with information and process maps, Six Sigma groups participate in process examination to distinguish wellsprings of variety and screen potential causes. Conceptualizing and checking the reason for the issue is the target of this period of the procedure. Part of LSP: Three components are basic to a quality result at this stage: all thoughts are listened, open discourse happens, and a significant arrangement is touched base at. The LSP procedure is an encouraged considering, correspondence, and critical thinking method that takes this sort of investigation work to a more profound level with a specific end goal to completely open the experiences of all colleagues.

Move forward

Amid the enhance organize, Six Sigma groups create however many thoughts as could be allowed. Innovative thought era is supported as are out-of-the-crate arrangements. Part of LSP: This is really where LSP springs up. By having the capacity to play out circumstances and test situations through genuine play building, colleagues can talk about, as well as reproduce new thoughts and arrangements.


Once a group enters the control stage, they concentrate on how prepare execution will be measured and what the reaction plan will be for undesirable outcomes. Plans for proceeded with process refinement are likewise considered right now. Part of LSP: LSP helps groups oversee control endeavors by giving them a procedure for managing the obscure. Continuous System for Groups furnishes colleagues with straightforward directing standards in light of their one of a kind authoritative condition and needs.

I don’t trust that each Six Sigma group needs extra help bolster. The extent of the venture, the experience of the colleagues, and the multifaceted nature of the exertion all figure such a choice. Whenever showed, in any case, I do trust that LEGO Genuine PLAY is a practical and correlative bolster procedure to guarantee the achievement of and secure your interest in Six Sigma quality endeavors.

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