The Entertainment Book No Other Person Could Write – ‘Three Stages, My Journey – Special Selections Edition’ Released By Author Ben Bryant

Hollywood stories and big name diaries can be discovered wherever today. In any case, never has a stimulation book been composed that offers an insider’s backstage – and in front of an audience – perspective of the internal workings of media outlets at about each level over a time of more than three decades. No one would ever compose such a book – put something aside for one man – Ben Bryant.

Bryant shared the stage or screen (and in addition individual events) with actually many commonly recognized name level stars, for example, Clint Eastwood, Christopher Walken, Charles Bronson, Claire Trevor, Roy Rogers, David Carradine, Jerry Orbach, Mary Martin, Raul Julia and scores of others. Ben’s “Adventure” has been definitely not conventional or normal.

Ben Bryant is a storyteller amazing. His stories catch media outlets involvement in ways no other work has ever caught it some time recently. Each portion of the business – theater, TV, Las Vegas, national visits, The Metropolitan Musical show and the Broadway arrange – possesses a place in his connecting with stories. Bryant’s “backstage view” of the universe of diversion is all encompassing. His very close big name stories frame the premise of a work that perusers will discover uncovering, interesting and exceedingly engaging.

Ben Bryant performed on TV, on Broadway, at Carnegie Lobby and Lincoln Focus and on stages and in show lobbies everywhere throughout the USA and Canada. He was even quickly a musical show vocalist at the Met.

“Something I’ve discovered shocking about perusers’ responses to ‘Three Phases’,” Bryant stated, “is that this book is seen by almost every one of them to be a Hollywood diary. I just expounded on my life and the shows I did and the general population in them. At the time it never at any point jumped out at me this was a VIP book.”

‘Three Phases’ has gotten rave surveys. Rick Skye, grant winning essayist and entertainer composed on, “There are a few characteristics of life that would appear to have everything except vanished in these Assembled Conditions generally, yet I couldn’t exactly put my finger on them until I spent a flawless couple of days living through the initial few phases of Ben Bryant’s brilliant life. What at first gives off an impression of being a direct … collection of memoirs is changed by these qualities – engage, a lovely route with a turn of expression and basic genuineness – into a true to life novel about a lifestyle in an America that does not exist anymore. He breathes life into it back like Brigadoon, with diversion and opinion, reviewed through the excellent fog of memory.”

“… rather than the standard stories of Hollywood interest he turns yarns of visiting in summer stock in the huge, rich post WWII days when America spent it’s summers picnicking by day and going to open air melodic exhibitions at night. A red blooded’s man, he entwines insinuate stories of becoming more acquainted with the inverse sex and the resourcefulness he uses to break into the stage like a cowpoke telling fanciful stories around a thundering flame. .

As he develops in self-information, he effortlessly changes from games figure to melodic and organize star to magazine distributer to film maker. It is this profound quality that makes his story so inspiring and a similar quality that leads him to discover his perfect partner and at last take her as his better half. …”

Mary Beth Magee, on the Yahoo Patron Organize expressed, “Ben Bryant has worn many caps throughout the decades: understudy, competitor, performer, artist, on-screen character and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. In “Three Phases”, he tells the early piece of his story and welcomes perusers to share his encounters. This is the first of a [3 volume] arrangement on his colorful life.

“Dissimilar to numerous Hollywood diaries, this book looks at a greater amount of the fun side of media outlets. Bryant doesn’t sugarcoat the occasions, however he doesn’t go searching for drawback negatives, either. He doesn’t spend his pages bashing others. ”

“… Bryant conveys an excitement to his account that is regularly missing from journals. … As may be anticipated from a story set that spreads thirty-seven years of an alluring young fellow’s life, there are sexual experiences. Not at all like numerous such books, Bryant handles the occasions with reviving circumspection. There are no humiliating talks, just a perception that such occurred. Exceptionally tasteful.”

“Three Phases … [is] a continuous discussion about an existence lived to the grip and how Bryant has developed into new parts en route. From Bristol, Tennessee to the sparkle of Hollywood and the hustle of New York, Bryant offers the ride with his perusers in a happy relating of the trip.”

“… On the off chance that you just appreciate a decent experience yarn, you’ll make the most of Bryant’s story. You’ll giggle, you’ll shake your head in bemusement now and again and you’ll simply have a decent time perusing Three Phases”.

The Exceptional Choices version of ‘Three Phases’ offers a portion of the “most elite” stories from the book. This release is accessible as a free download digital book in mobi, epub and pdf renditions, taking into consideration access from about any sort of digital book peruser innovation. The book can be downloaded from the books page at

Ben Bryant is accessible for media meets and can be achieved utilizing the data beneath or by email at Every one of the three books in Bryant’s arrangement, ‘Three Phases, ‘Conditions Outside My Ability to control’ and ‘Sitting tight For Elizabeth’ are accessible at Amazon in Ignite design, at Barnes & Respectable for Alcove and at Payhip in all Digital book groups. Soft cover forms are accessible at More data is accessible at Bryant’s site at

Ben Bryant’s Broadway and certifiable vocations incorporate being a line posse snort, a jackhammer administrator, a swimming and water security teacher, an exercise center coach, a Flying corps doctor, a choir executive, an oratorio soloist, a melodic theater artist, an on-screen character, a jazz arranger, a recording craftsman, a theater chief, working accomplice in a typography organization, a magazine generation supervisor, an artist, a movie camera collaborator, a sound man, a maker, a film creation chief, an aide executive, a cameraman, a video editorial manager, a creator, a guide and a video executive.

He has performed on Broadway, at Carnegie Lobby and Lincoln Fixate and in addition on stages and in show lobbies in the USA and Canada. He has worked with or referred to stars, for example, Clint Eastwood, Alfred Hitchcock, Neil Jewel, Mel Streams, Forthright Zappa, Christopher Walken, Charles Bronson, Dave Brubeck, Roy Rogers, David Carradine, Jon Voight, Michael Bennett, Leonard Bernstein, Tony Martin, Charles Durning, Mary Martin, Jack Benny, Jack Jones, Frankie Avalon, Barbara Hershey, Dale Evans, Ricardo Montalban, Raul Julia, Cyd Charisse, Alan Lord, Jerry Orbach and numerous others.

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