Renowned Voice-Over Performer, Award-Winning Storyteller, and Parent Bill Ratner Wows with New Book Parenting for the Digital Age

“I’m eager to achieve different guardians with my part-media history, journal, child rearing aide,” shouts Hollywood insider Charge Ratner, a broadly known radio, television and motion picture voice, grant winning story teller, and writer of the recently discharged Child rearing for the Advanced Age: Reality Behind Media’s Impact on Youngsters and What to Do About It (Familius, 2014, soft cover and digital book, 224 pages, $15.95/$9.39, ISBN 978-1939629050). The book is currently accessible on Web book retailer destinations (Amazon, Barnes & Honorable, Target, Familius), and in U.S. book shops.

Media partners and commentators commend Ratner’s superior perspective of the historical backdrop of youngster focused on publicizing, the difficulties of inordinate screen time, and his creative answers for families. “Charge Ratner offers that uncommon thing that no hand-held gadget will ever make out of date: a great out-dated story, of a father who makes his life in media, went up against by the risks of a lot of TV and an excessive number of PCs. What’s more, his insightful choice to unplug… what’s more, (get) back to what is important most: human connections,” composes Work Day creator Joyce Maynard. “Clear and provocative,” includes Jane Claire of Barnes & Honorable.

“In some courses keeping in touch with give back, Ratner composed this book out of his enthusiasm for intruding on the harming impacts of aimless and even addictive utilization of advanced media. He cherishes the media he censures yet he is scrutinizing the overabundances, not the entire bundle,” composes psychotherapist Hymn Smaldino on her Huffington Post blog.

Ratner is an American voice on-screen character best known for his voice in motion picture trailers, and as the voice of Rock in Hasbro’s syndicated television toon G.I. Joe. Notwithstanding a fruitful radio/television/movie profession, Bill is an ace storyteller- – National Narrating Celebration Hammer Teller, Best of Hollywood Periphery Celebration champ, eight-time Moth StorySLAM Victor, distributed short story author, writer, and dramatist. He lives in Los Angeles with his significant other and their two media-adoring girls. More about Bill Ratner can be found at

Familius is a family and child rearing media distributer which gives an online group where guardians can search out and share guidance and get to an abundance of contemporary child rearing substance, apparatuses, and assets established in conventional family values with the proverb “How about we Talk Family.” For more data on the book please observe rearing for-the-advanced age.

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