SPACOSA Signed a Supply Contract with Solu-M through a Location Cloud Platform ‘Catch Loc’

In January, Spacosa Co., Ltd (President, Charm Ju Cho), which has marked an agreement to supply Area Cloud Stage ‘Get Loc’ to Solu-M Co., Ltd (Chief, Sung-Ho Jeon), declared on April 24th that it has discharged a versatile application and framework created by the dispatch of KEYCO.

Solu-M applies the gadget KEYCO to Spacosa’s Area Cloud Stage Get Loc to give proficient area control administrations. The area control administration is given through the mix of equipment specific organization Solu-M’s innovation and Spacosa’s area based programming.

KEYCO is the primary gadget of Solu-M utilizing SKT’s LoRa arrange, which can be utilized to keep youngsters and pets from getting lost. Solu-M will discharge an assortment of gadgets beginning from KEYCO.

Get Loc, which is utilized as a fundamental stage of KEYCO, is an area cloud stage that can screen the area of individuals and things continuously. Additionally, it can be utilized for area control and resource administration of versatile body by connecting portable applications or area trackers.

Moreover, since it gives benefits as SaaS or Programming interface not at all like the current control administrations given in the development sort, the advancement time frame and expenses are extraordinarily diminished. Organizations can utilize the web or applications to check their area data in any capacity they like

Spacosa’s President Charm Ju Cho stated, “The concurrence with Solu-M is huge on the grounds that it is the initial phase in applying the gadget of other organization to the Catch Loc stage.” He proceeded with, “We plan to construct a model of collaboration with different gadget organizations.”

Then again, Spacosa will lead IoT pilot extend in Phuket Thailand together with SKT and Thai State Telecom Feline from April. Spacosa arrangements to offer 500 GPS area GPS beacon Gper to its clients in Thailand, keeping the vanishing of elderly individuals and giving the vehicle area control administrations to sightseers.

Spacosa is an organization established in 2012 and comprises of a directorate with a field profession of 15 years encounters. Spacosa serves the advanced cell based area following application Famy and continuous area control stage Get Loc. The organization has propelled Gper, an area GPS beacon that transmits the area of oneself, to help customers feel quiet make their organization operations less demanding and more proficient.

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