“The Ghost of Christmas Past” Is Given Life

In convention to Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Hymn, Hebler shows the backstory of one of Dickens’ most treasured characters in this abstract “turn off” that jam the first story’s tones of otherworldly dream and riddle.

Summary: The Phantom of Christmas Past has had its fire doused. Lost souls can’t discover their approach to reclamation without the Soul’s fire lighting up their shadowed recollections. Guided by the Christmas Holy messenger, the Phantom of Christmas Past must look for its missing fire inside a mortal life it had long overlooked and overcome observer to the beset tyke it once had been.

Creator, Michael Hebler, is eager to take a concise break from dull thrillers and his Chupacabra Arrangement, for which volume one, Night of the Chupacabra, was respected by the National Outside the box Incredibleness Grants (NIEA) as Best Awfulness in 2014. Hebler clarifies, “Not the majority of my stories originate from a dreary creative energy. I don’t trust anybody innovative can be stick holed into a solitary kind or style. My first production was a youngsters’ photo book, additionally Christmas themed. Christmas dependably remains as a cherished memory to me.”

Hebler proceeds about his new novella, “I chose to compose The Phantom of Christmas Past when, one day, I had asked myself, Aren’t apparitions the waiting souls of somebody who once lived? At that point what sort of lives would the phantoms of A Christmas Ditty, a standout amongst the most adored stories at any point composed, have lived?” Once discovering that no stories still couldn’t seem to be composed, Hebler started what might take him two decades to wrap up.

The Phantom of Christmas Past is currently accessible in both print and digital book designs. Get into the Christmas “soul” now!


Life wasn’t generally about the composed page for Hebler. Some time ago in Hollywood, Hebler had a vocation as a universal film marketing expert, taking a shot at numerous titles for Walt Disney, Pixar, Lionsgate, Lakeshore Excitement, Warner Brothers., Summit Stimulation, and in addition the 2013 Institute Grant Best Remote Dialect film, “La grande bellezza” (The Incomparable Magnificence). In his extra time, Hebler appreciates volunteering in his neighborhood group. Associations he has bolstered incorporate Dinners on Wheels, Get On The Transport, and in addition controlling our creature populace by helping in the catch/spay/fix/discharge non domesticated program.

To date, Hebler’s productions incorporate the initial four (of six) books in his Chupacabra Arrangement, three digital book short stories, and his first distribution, The Night After Christmas.

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