Cord Cutters to Super Charge the Big Game

In the nick of time for football’s defining moment, Radio wires Direct, a St. Louis-based television reception apparatus maker, unleashes ClearStream Juice , an execution improved UHF/VHF intensifier framework for supercharging TV flag quality. The low-commotion enhancer profits by the most recent innovation in computerized communicate TV to conquer long separations, splitters and different hindrances to convey completely clear gathering without over-burdening TV tuners.

“With this amp, the main thing more squeezed than the football players on the field will be your superior quality flag on your extra large screen,” says Richard Schneider, President of Reception apparatuses Direct. As more families feel burnt out on the manhandle from link organizations, an amp like the Juice tips the scales for cutting the line.”

Not at all like numerous speakers available, the ClearStream Juice enhances flag quality while diminishing commotion and undesirable frequencies from cell and information signals. Juice is perfect for radio wires situated in thick rural or urban zones where intensifiers have already had execution issues because of close transmitter areas.

Similarly as with the full line of enhancers and ClearStream items from Radio wires Coordinate, Juice ($79) is accessible beginning today in the Reception apparatuses Direct online store. More data is accessible at

About Reception apparatuses Direct

Reception apparatuses Direct is the pioneer in recieving wire innovation, rehashing the radio wire for the computerized period. With a legacy in over-the-air radio wires particularly tuned for center DTV frequencies, Recieving wires Direct has put real assets into the revelation and execution of new recieving wire outlines for computerized gathering. Established in 2003, the firm is an individual from the Inc. 500|5000 Lobby of Distinction and Eventual fate of television Coalition. Visit for more data.

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