Keith Daniel Washo Releases New Love Song, ‘I Got You”

KDW Distributing is satisfied to report the arrival of “I Got You,” a wonderful two part harmony from Keith Daniel’s collection of work contained love tunes and instrumentals.

“I Got You” which Keith delivered and recorded with driving vocalists Steve Haddad and Vanessa Lombera, was composed by Keith in San Jose, California. The track includes a piano melody movement with steel guitar joining by Troy Klontz, earlier with Creeks & Dunn. The melody is about how finding and sharing adoration is all that truly matters. “I Got You” is set to hit spilling music stations by Christmas.

Going with the tune is a music video delivered by Nuntios Media displaying Keith on piano with Steve and Vanessa singing two part harmony. You can look at the music video and tune for spilling at Keith’s music page at

“I Got You” is a take after on to his other three tune singles with music recordings specifically “For You”, “Kind nature”, and “Wholesome”. You can look at these tunes on Keith Daniel’s site at

About Keith Daniel Washo

Known for affection tunes, numbers, and nation impacts, Keith Daniel produces music that rouses the spirit and touches the heart. Keith has finished music recognition both in training with B.A and M.A in Music and in music forming and generation all through the traverse of his quarter century vocation. Since the arrival of his four-track recordings in secondary school and school Album creations, Keith has been performing at wineries with different vocalists and artists at scenes from that point onward. He has recorded and delivered many tunes, got a huge number of perspectives on YouTube, and scored a one of a kind Ave Marie piece utilized as a part of different profound settings. What’s more, Keith has recorded various music recordings with nation love, anthem, and otherworldly subject. You can look at his music and music recordings at

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