Atlanta Countertop Specialists at Craftmark Share the Three Biggest Kitchen Trends of 2014

Kitchen rebuilding and updates keep on being a famous venture in 2014. There are three patterns that are turning out to be increasingly clear. Originators are focusing more on feel than capacity, making excellent and fascinating spaces through Paint decisions, open cabinetry and shading decisions for ledges in Atlanta, the huge three patterns in 2014.

Paint Shading

The brilliant, white sterile kitchen look might close to the finish of its fame. Customers are searching for more warmth and strength in their kitchens. Dull paint hues, for example, dark, copper, profound rich tans and dim reds are turning out to be increasingly prominent. Frequently these hues are utilized on an emphasize divider or in the deck to keep the room from turning out to be excessively dull and overwhelming.

Open Racking

Open racking is an awesome approach to flaunt your delightful dishes. Kitchen configuration is getting to be distinctly concerned less about concealed stockpiling and more about how best to conspicuously show your cookware and dishes. Frequently the dishes are been a piece of the general kitchen stylistic layout.

Dark Ledges

Quartz and dark stone ledges are an exceptionally mainstream decision this year. They give the ledges an a rich, rough feel and look. Regularly, dark ledges are combined with dim or marble ledges in Atlanta to make visual enthusiasm for the eye and in addition usefulness.

“The on-pattern outline decisions concerning paint and kitchen ledges in Atlanta so far this year have permitted us to be more inventive and creative with shapes and hues, bringing about shocking completed kitchen ventures,” clarifies Melinda Pulliam, Chief of Advertising.

The current year’s kitchen configuration patterns bring warmth and shading once again into the kitchen. Whether you include dim paint hues, open racking or dark ledges to your kitchen, you can make an eye-getting and useful kitchen space. At the point when settling on your decisions, consider how your kitchen configuration can improve the general stylistic layout decided for your home.

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