Dr. Solomon Kamson of Spine Institute Northwest to Speak at World Congress of WFMISS in Istanbul

Later today, Dr. Solomon Kamson of the Spine Foundation Northwest will show explore on negligibly intrusive spine surgery strategies at the 2014 meeting of the World Congress of the World Alliance of Insignificantly Obtrusive Spine Surgery (WFMISS). The congress, held in Istanbul, will be held together with a meeting of the Turkish association for insignificantly obtrusive spine surgery (TURKMISS) and also a few workshops. Uniting specialists and scientists spend significant time in insignificantly intrusive spine medications from over the globe, the congress is a prime open door for sharing the most recent research discoveries and best practices in spine drug.

Dr. Kamson will present as a component of a board on less intrusive surgical procedures for the spine. His presentation, “Full Endoscopic Lumbar Combination Surgeries Performed in Outpatient Center – Results Examine,” utilizes information from techniques performed at the Spine Foundation Northwest. Kamson will exhibit nearby specialists and specialists from Brazil, Indonesia, the U.S., and the Ukraine, including Pil Sun Choi, M.D., the establishing president of WFMISS.

“Gathering information from our patients and surveying the consequences of their methods permits the Spine Establishment Northwest group to better see how to give our patients better care,” clarifies Kamson. “Occasions like the WFMISS World Congress let us share our information, and contrast our outcomes and those of different analysts from around the globe. Inquire about from around the globe like that exhibited at WFMISS is helping the medicinal services group keep on working to enhance understanding results.”

Kamson and his exploration group up to this point have observed an outpatient office to be a sheltered situation for insignificantly obtrusive spine combination procedures. The doctors at the Spine Establishment Northwest represent considerable authority in negligibly intrusive spine surgery systems, including lumbar combination, spinal decompression, and nerve extraction. To take in more about Dr. Solomon Kamson and the Spine Foundation Northwest, visit www.spineinstitutenorthwest.com.

About Spine Foundation Northwest

Spine Organization Northwest has been giving quality medicinal services administrations since 2000. The therapeutic group at Spine Establishment Northwest endeavors to convey astounding restorative administration and care, for example, laser spine surgery. The Foundation’s theory puts a solid accentuation on early mediation, beginning with a precise determination and start of legitimate treatment. At Spine Foundation Northwest, the emphasis is on keeping the sort of incessant incapacity frequently connected with untreated or ineffectively oversaw, recalcitrant torment. Take in more at www.spineinstitutenorthwest.com.

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