Announces the Velcade Shipping Promotion declares the expansion of Velcade Powder (Bortezomib) to its Worldwide Generics Program (IGP) advancement.

Velcade Powder (Bortezomib) is another kind of growth medication called a proteasome inhibitor. Proteasomes are chemicals found in cells, and assume a part in directing cell capacity and development. Velcade obstructs the movement of proteasomes. This barricade can prompt to death of malignancy cells.

Through, the Universal Generics Program is gone for giving clients the bland renditions of medicines that are as of now just accessible as brand names in North America.

As an advancement, clients will profit by free sending on Velcade Powder (Bortezomib) on IGP arranges over $99.00 USD. Nonexclusive Bortezomib is accessible through the Global Generics Program (IGP).

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