“Curious Wings: Endangered Species” Will Get Kids Excited About Protecting Our Planet!

Readnlearn organization, which has some expertise in children’s applications, propelled today on Indiegogo “Inquisitive Wings: Jeopardized Species,” the main session of an arrangement that shows kids about the world’s assorted natural life and how to secure it.

As indicated by low gauges from WWF, “…between 200 and 2,000 annihilations happen each year…” To turn around this pattern, we have to accomplish more than ensure the environment today, we have to get our children to experience passionate feelings for our planet! Future grown-ups need to think about nature and have the capacity to deal with the issues it confronts usefully.

That is the place “Inquisitive Wings” comes in! Other than giving 5% of its profit to WWF, it will…

– Hold children’s consideration, and start their interest about our planet and the earth.

– Teach kids about Jeopardized Species, and enable them to comprehend that we should all cooperate to take care of the issue.

– Lift their certainty, and construct their confidence through objective accomplishment and an incredible reward framework.

– How about we not disregard fun! The application will be an energizing and fun learning background for children of any age!

Everything began the previous summer as Aris Karavias (organizer of ReadnLearn) stated: “We initially concocted the possibility of “Inquisitive Wings” when we perceived how our children responded when we went by “Arktouros Untamed life Protection Camp” in Nimfaion, Greece. Going by the creatures, and conversing with the staff was truly moving. Getting back home, we chose to construct an amusement that would be fun and instructive, as well as impassion children to secure our planet.”

“Inquisitive Wings” will be pressed with more than 120 levels of fun with creatures. It will highlight five evergreen little diversions, curated instructive recordings, and moves children will require make to ensure the biological system!

– Smaller than expected amusements: A fun perpetual runner, spelling, memory, shading, and perplex.

– 5 Distinct tokens to gather and play smaller than usual recreations, assemble National Stops, and take activities to secure creatures.

Our group has more than 35 years of experience, making instructive items for children, and has worked with driving undertakings, similar to Disney, Settle, Warner, and others. 5 years back, we began making instructive applications and, from that point forward, we have propelled more than 60 instructive applications with more than 2 million downloads, 2500+ stellar audits that have been positioned in 100+ Nations. appndesign.com, ReadnLearn.com

Look at “Inquisitive Wings: Jeopardized Species” ReadnLearn.com/CuriousWings/.

Squeeze Pack: ReadnLearn.com/CuriousWings/Squeeze Unit/


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