A Father’s Day Story to Remember

Robert Seeber was battling such an extreme fight with liquor, he was sure he would kick the bucket and his little girl, Abigail, would grow up without a father.

Thusly, he penned ‘Abigail’s Songs’ to enable her to explore through life. It is an instrument of motivation and direction for Abigail as she proceeds with the street of her life’s adventure. It is an abridgment of considerations, counsel and life lessons to help her in her development and fundamental abilities – one of a kind and absolutely motivating.

The Wisconsin-based creator investigates his own particular 40 years of life, his battles, allurements and disappointments, and prompts his little girl how to encounter the best in life and get past the “dreadful stuff.” Abigail was just six years of age and still honest of so much, yet Seeber was getting things straight in his own psyche and heart, so that as Abigail develops, his dad’s part would be satisfied. It is a touching take a gander at how every dependable parent ought to manage a tyke on the correct way, while as yet attempting to locate their own specific manner.

Despite the fact that he and Abigail were living in a similar house, he says, they “should have been isolated by a sea” for all the time he was going through with her. Seeber says he started keeping in touch with his little girl in light of the fact that by then his sorrow and liquor abuse had become so extreme, he didn’t think he would be on this planet any longer. “This sounds insane now, yet suicide was sounding somewhat more sensible consistently.”

Luckily Seeber conquered his evil presences and is bringing up his little girl, instructing her through life himself. “‘Abigail’s Hymns’ was conceived out of a portion of the most exceedingly terrible things throughout my life. It was given to one of the best things throughout my life,” he says. The book wound up being a manual for her, as well as a touch of mending for him.

Father and little girl now get to know each other which is chronicled in his blog.

The book is accessible in both hard cover and e-form on his site.

To take in more about ‘Abigail’s Hymns,’ Robert Seeber, or to book a meeting, contact Erica Gennarini at 609-712-6446, or email gennarini@comcast.net.

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