Catherine Gee Exhibiting at First International Fashion Trade Show in Tokyo at IFF MAGIC Japan

Santa Clause Barbara – based form planner CATHERINE Well will show at the inaugural IFF Enchantment Japan. The world’s biggest form expo “Enchantment” has banded together with JFW-IFF, the longest running style display in Japan. The show will be restored with more vitality, style and demonstrable skill as IFF Enchantment Japan. The brand is one of just twenty US brands welcomed to and showing at IFF Enchantment Japan.

Catherine Well won the 2016 WWDMAGIC and Galeries Lafayette (Paris) Rising Planner Creme de la Creme rivalry, which gave her an outing to Paris Form Week and meeting with purchasers at Galeries Lafayette. Well’s line of silk and silk mix dresses and isolates have gotten the attention of VOGUE and retailers across the country.

“It’s energizing to have been welcome to show in the principal yearly IFF Enchantment JAPAN. Japan is on the bleeding edge of the retail form industry, and we are eager to encourage our associations with universal purchasers and pitch the accumulations to enormous industry names,” says Well.

Enchantment is the world’s biggest form commercial center, included eleven remarkable groups displaying the most recent in clothing, footwear, embellishments, and assembling. Each February and August the retail business assembles in Las Vegas to spot and shop the most recent patterns.

Japan is the third biggest mold showcase on the planet after the USA and the EU. Japan’s design patterns impact the form markets of Asia as well as all around the globe. IFF Enchantment Japan will be the first occasion when that Japan has a really global exchange reasonable for the form businesses. IFF Enchantment Japan will be the mold occasion for retail purchasers and participants shape all over Japan and Asia and different parts of the world. IFF Enchantment Japan will fill in as a prominent feature for top Japanese form brands and originators to elevate themselves to Japan and the worldwide market, and furthermore as a significant open door for global brands and providers to get to the lucrative Japanese market. IFF Enchantment Japan keeps running from April 26-29, 2017.

About Catherine Well

Catherine Well epitomizes an ageless yet contemporary accumulation of solid pieces with rich, current lines. The brand looks to give an alter of refined yet practical products. The inflection is on individual prepared to-wear pieces that can be effectively consolidated in various courses for a style that is constantly available. Ageless yet contemporary. Catherine Well is the champ of the 2016 WWDMAGIC and Galeries Lafayette (Paris) Developing Fashioner Creme de la Creme rivalry.


Catherine Well

Fashioner/Imaginative Executive

615-430-2553 or 805-324-4699

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