Spitz to Brighten Fernbank Planetarium with Laser-Illuminated SciDome 4K

Spitz Consolidated, the world’s driving provider of instructive planetarium frameworks, reported that Dekalb Educational System in Atlanta, GA has requested the SciDome 4K Laser fulldome planetarium framework. Situated at Fernbank Science Center, the 70-foot-measurement Jim Cherry Planetarium is the biggest planetarium claimed and worked by a state funded educational system. The presentation of 4096 x 4096-determination laser phosphor projection conveys the unmatched instructive abilities of SciDome to even the biggest planetarium arches.

“This is an extraordinary framework for us,” said Douglas Hrabe, Chief of the Fernbank Science Center. “The quality on our 70 foot arch is truly stunning. We’re glad to cooperate with SPITZ on this venture. The 4K SciDome framework is genuinely fixing to guideline. The level of collaboration an educator can have with the data being shown on screen will immensely build assorted qualities of the guideline in our planetarium. It additionally expands the level of engagement for our open groups of onlookers. The staff can hardly wait to show it off this mid year and next school year.”

SciDome 4K Laser extends Spitz’s line of SciDome planetarium frameworks by conveying 24,000 lumens of phosphor laser light and ultra-high determination to create fresh planetarium star fields, fantastically brilliant arch films, and clear PC reproduction. With an anticipated existence of 20,000 hours, the laser brightening source significantly lessens the occasional substitution expenses and support time required by the UHP or bend lights which control other arch show frameworks.

“Spitz is extremely satisfied that SciDome 4K Laser is DeKalb Educational System’s fulldome planetarium of decision for the Fernbank,” said Jon Shaw, President and Chief of Spitz. “Scidome’s multi-curricular programming suite, including Starry Night, The Layered Earth, and Zygote Body, combined with a high performing projection framework for their 70 foot breadth arch, are the ideal fit to convey on the Planetarium’s far reaching instructive mission.”

SciDome planetariums, composed particularly for instructors, incorporate vigorous realtime recreation in numerous controls. Notwithstanding the exhaustive space science content gave by Starry Night, SciDome covers topography, geology, and meteorology with The Layered Earth, and (coming in 2016) human life systems with Zygote Body. SciDome instructors can likewise expand the learning background past the vault with coordinated, measures based classroom educational programs.

“It’s awesome that we can bring the instructive qualities of the SciDome framework to a planetarium as expansive and prestigious as the Fernbank” said Scott Huggins, Spitz Chief of Showcasing and Item Advancement. “We’ve generally composed the SciDome to be the most ideal showing planetarium for schools and universities. It’s a respect to bolster the instructive mission of the Fernbank and its guests.”

Spitz Consolidated is the world’s driving provider of instructive planetarium frameworks, projection vaults, fulldome appears and compositional arches.

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