World Freerunning Parkour Federation (WFPF) Sanctions First Ever USAP College Parkour Competition at University of Wisconsin, Platteville

The WFPF is glad to report the primary ever USAP National University Parkour Rivalry which will be held at the College of Wisconsin-Platteville on Saturday and Sunday, September twelfth and thirteenth, 2015, in collaboration with neighborhood Parkour Group Avialae.

This notable occasion is the summit of much commitment and diligent work by WFPF, USAP School co-executives Matt and Greg Milano, and UW Platteville Parkour chief Conner Hjellming. After WFPF made and deliver MTV’s “Definitive Parkour Challenge” in 2009 and 2010, which to date still has the biggest gathering of people of any Parkour occasion with more than 3.5 million viewers, there was a tremendous surge in enthusiasm for Parkour around the globe. In the Unified States, that was reflected by a bounce sought after by rec centers that needed to begin Parkour programs, Parkour professionals who needed get to be distinctly affirmed to show Parkour, and American undergrads who needed to starte college Parkour clubs. WFPF got endless messages quickly after the airing of the principal scene and the calls never halted. It was right now that WFPF originators propelled USA Parkour to convey protection and other part administrations to the developing number of Parkour projects in exercise centers and on school grounds over the USA. At about a similar time, WFPF fellow benefactors kept running over a group video by the Boston School Parkour group including among others, indistinguishable twins and WFPF subsidiary competitors Matt and Greg Milano. The Milano siblings had gotten the consideration of WFPF months prior and had been welcome to be partners, yet their appearance in the Boston School group video crested significantly more enthusiasm by the originators who called the Milano siblings to discover what precisely was occurring with Parkour on college grounds around America. That exchange finished in WFPF inquiring as to whether they would utilize their experience and the WFPF name and great notoriety to help different schools and colleges construct Parkour all alone grounds. That was the making of “School WFPF” which now has gotten to be “USAP School”. A definitive objective was to make this grass attaches division of WFPF to help, through a cooperative exertion, to bring the school Parkour people group together. Matt and Greg, utilizing their own particular experience making and running Boston School Parkour, got to be USAP School’s university executives and the long trip started. A long time of gatherings, tutoring college Parkour bunches, talking about thoughts and difficulties, college Parkour sticks, and heaps of persistence has prompted to this WFPF/USAP rivalry at College Wisconsin, Platteville. It would be ideal if you look at the USAP School facebook fan page here:

“The energizing thing about an opposition like this is it demonstrates different colleges that a Parkour rivalry should be possible on their grounds. All it takes is for one of their own Parkour pioneers to attack the issue in earnest, get in touch with us at WFPF/USAP and begin the ball rolling!”, says WFPF/USAP fellow benefactor David Richard Thompson. “I totally observe increasingly of these later on. One day I think there will even be Parkour grants to colleges around the nation”

The Parkour pioneer at College Wisconsin, Platteville that is getting this going is WFPF subsidiary competitor, Conner Hjellming, a lesser criminal equity major from Byron, Minn., and president of the Parkour Club on grounds. He will probably convey Parkour to the bleeding edge as a game simply like some other game, and through this occasion, he is getting that going. He worked with the WFPF/USAP and his school organization to get this opposition off the ground. A portion of his voyage was getting the UW Platteville Parkour club authoritatively perceived by the college a year ago. The club at present has 30 enrolled individuals who prepare five days seven days.

“Conner is unquestionably an embodiement of the Parkour soul,” says WFPF/USAP prime supporter Victor Bevine. “He never took “no” for a reply, and stayed with it until his college endorsed their Parkour club. Working with Conner has been a motivation for us and all the USAP School clubs making progress toward authority acknowledgment.”

Both Thompson and Bevine concur “Doubly” that the Milano twins, Matt and Greg, were the ideal accomplices to kick off the USAP School people group around the Assembled States and their endeavors helped lay the basis for this inaugural university rivalry at UW Platteville.

The occasion will keep running from 1-8 p.m. Sept. 12 and twelve 7 p.m. Sept. 13. On Sept. 12 the course will be a non-focused Parkour stick for qualified members beyond 18 years old. This will occur at the open air track close Williams Fieldhouse. September 13 is the day of the inaugural University Parkour Rivalry, highlighting the authority WFPF gameplay. Open affirmation for one day is $10 or $15 for the end of the week. Taken a toll for UW-Platteville personnel, staff or understudies with ID for one day is $3 or $5 for the end of the week. (subtle elements and finish plan underneath).

USA Parkour ( and the World Freerunning Parkour Organization ( is endorsing the opposition. Proficient parkour competitors from WFPF will serve as judges amid Sunday’s opposition. Members will contend in three classes including speed, a test round, and a free-form round.

More than 10 university groups from around the Unified States have been welcomed and Hjellming is seeking after a major horde of observers to make this noteworthy occasion a major achievement.

The WFPF as of late joined forces with American Falcon Suppliers for their Flex Denim pants dispatch which can be found in every one of their stores globally and in a Circumstances Square Enormous tron video. Some portion of this crusade additionally incorporated an Interesting or Kick the bucket Parkour farce of the AEO Flex Denim battle featuring “New Young lady’ and “Jurassic World” performing artist Jake Johnson.

The points of interest for the UW Platteville Parkour rivalry:

The primary ever USAP University Parkour Invitational

Highlighting WFPF Proficient PARKOUR Competitor JUDGES:

Robbie Corbett

Fernando Arce

Paul Whitecotton

Aleksandr Baiturin


first College Court, Platteville, WI 53818

DATES & What’s in store

Saturday September twelfth

1PM begin time

Non-aggressive PK stick for qualified members 18 and over


Difficulties and prizes

Visitor Speakers

Qualifiers for contending competitors

Sunday September thirteenth

Twelve begin

Rivalry day

Stick amid interludes

Stick taking after end of rivalry


General Affirmation

$10 Day Pass

$15 End of the week PAss

UWP Understudies and Staff

(Must show understudy or staff I.D)

$3 Day Pass

$5 End of the week Pass

RSVP Today!

For more data contact Conner Hjellming at

The World Freerunning Parkour Organization is committed to the protected and deferential headway of the Parkour Development all through the world. Motivated by the imagination and mental teach epitomized by Parkour, the competitor/authors of the WFPF and their accomplices will dependably convey this logic of development to the developing quantities of idealistic youngsters around the world who trust that through kinship, self-expression, and administration to others, there is no impediment that can’t be overcome.

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