Woof Gang Bakery Hosts Second Annual Company-wide Pet Adoption Event to Support Animal Rescue

The Woof Group Bread shop yearly receive a-thon occasion will happen on Saturday, May 9, 2015, amid National Pet Week. On May 9, Woof Group Pastry kitchen stores across the country will have in-store appropriation occasions to bolster creature protect associations in their neighborhood groups.

As a feature of the embrace a-thon, nearby creature welfare gatherings will have cute pets accessible for appropriation at 50 Woof Pack Pastry kitchen areas over the Assembled States. Woof Group Bread kitchen stores will offer giveaways for the duration of the day and will send every embraced pet home with an “appreciated home” pack.

The occasion is an incredible open door for imminent pet proprietors to locate their ideal match, whether they are searching for a canine, feline, puppy, cat, blended breed or thoroughbred to end up distinctly a piece of their family.

Amid this time and all through the whole year, Woof Pack Bread kitchen endeavors to bring issues to light for the more than 7 million canines and felines looking for “furever” homes the nation over.

Woof Group Pastry kitchen endeavors to bolster shield creatures and their requirement for another opportunity. In the weeks paving the way to the May 9 receive a-thon occasion, Woof Pack Bread shop stores will have gift drop boxes for sustenance, treats and toys to gather genuinely necessary things for neighborhood save bunches.

The outcomes from a year ago’s selection occasion were “pawsitively” fruitful with 66 pooches and felines put in new homes. Partaking creature safeguard association got gifts, including about 1,800 aggregate pounds of pet sustenance, and different commitments, for example, treats, toys and extras, and prepping administrations.

Woof Group Bread shop is a main retailer in crude solidified eating regimens, kibble, canned and got dried out puppy and feline sustenance. Notwithstanding meeting pets’ dietary needs, Woof Posse Pastry shop conveys beautiful extras, an assortment of toys and an extensive variety of doggie spa items. Make a beeline for tail preparing additionally is offered for finish pet spoiling.

About Woof Group Pastry shop

Woof Group Pastry shop is at the cutting edge of the pet business, giving the absolute best in pet care with unparalleled administrations and items. Since the principal Woof Pack Bread kitchen opened in 2007, the organization has extended over the Assembled States with more than 60 establishments and five corporate areas.

The organization was named best general multi-unit retailer by Pet Business Media, positioned among the country’s Main 15 pet nourishment retailers by Pet Business Magazine and perceived by Pet Knowledge magazine as one of the country’s quickest developing pet chains.

For more data or to discover the area closest you, visit woofgangbakery.com.

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