Kasket Club Announces “The King of Cool and The Acrobat” EP

The energizing Norwegian pop team known as Kasket Club has declared the expected arrival of their new EP “The Ruler of Cool and The Gymnastic performer.” Set to be discharged on Paris-construct Yunizon Records September 24 with respect to iTunes, the twosome’s first single “Start” will make a big appearance September 10.

The 5-track EP highlights the couple’s beneficial encounters and elements a mix of high vitality move tracks and melodic tunes. The second single slated for September discharge is “Soul Surfing” – an exceptionally vocal and electronically mixed record. With the official music video setting the ideal surfside scene, the visuals offer a look at Kasket Clubs’ laid-back identity. Look at it on Youtube at http://buff.ly/1QmzsSo

With the accomplishment of two different activities that put them on the guide as a standout amongst the most innovative groups on the Scandinavian music scene; Kasket Club went to work to “The Ruler of Cool and The Gymnastic performer.” As their third EP they needed the melodies tumultuous and scattered beats to mirror the verses in the tune which address how we attempt to arrange our lives however things wind up scattered and unusual at any rate. Kasket Club composes and creates their own particular music sending tracks forward and backward from Tobias’ studio in New York and Mattis’ studio in Budapest, Hungary.

About Kasket Club

Kasket Club is a Norwegian pair made up of Tobias and Mattis, these long lasting companions imagined the band Kasket Club in 2012. They have rapidly become well known on the Scandinavian music scene, known for their unique way to deal with the universe of pop. The two now live on inverse sides of the world and still figure out how to interface and help the less lucky by giving a bit of the returns from a tune called “Straight West” off their EP to Give It A chance to stream a philanthropy that gives clean water to those in need. Kasket Club will be synonymous with incredible music and magnanimity.


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