iVote Co-founder Key Speaker at the European Day of Entrepreneurship Conference

The iVote fellow benefactor and board part, prof. Goce Armenski, was welcomed as a key moderator at the opening service of the meeting “European Day of Business enterprise and SEEITA and MASIT Open Days” that occurred on 29th of October at inn Alexander Royal residence, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. The gathering was composed by the European Business Affiliation – EBA and The Macedonian ICT Assembly of Trade MASIT, bringing the motto “Think IT, Arrange IT, Do IT”.

Agents of the most important organizations in Macedonia including the Pastor of Data Society and Organization, Appointment of EU, delegates of City of Skopje, agents from EBA and MASIT, IT affiliations, agents of the assemblies of trade, and also of the SME segment, proprietors of organizations and the colleges.

iVote, as an inventive IT organization was incorporated into the European Commission “The Mystery of Progress 2014-15” pamphlet, highlights the financial and social estimation of ICT business enterprise through genuine contextual investigations from the race business. Race industry is of touchy nature, dynamic in change of the appointive administrative, including stringent due dates. The innovation is creating and upgrading with a quick pace, so it is of highest significance to make corporate culture where workers are urged to grasp cutting edge advancements and strategies.

“It is an amazing privilege to be welcome to exhibit at a gathering of such rank, talking about the future patterns of the IT business. iVote, with its work and improvement, demonstrated that making new values and patterns is exceptionally testing and dependable objective that likewise requires going for broke en route keeping in mind the end goal to bring developmental creation” – said prof. Goce Armenski fellow benefactor and board individual from iVote.

At the gathering, famous specialists were introducing the up and coming patterns in the ICT business with an extraordinary accentuation on: distributed computing, 4G, versatile advances, inventive enterprises, social development and IT quality gauges.

About iVote:

iVote is organization spent significant time in race modernization innovations, online business and e-learning frameworks. iVote’sDemokra is a conclusion to-end best in class decision administration stage, giving high security and straightforwardness. iVoteDemokra innovation has been trusted by more than 116 million voters prepared far and wide. It has added to the most convenient, straightforward and sound decision brings about the history as vote based systems in numerous nations around the world.

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