New Book on the Khojaly Massacre Raises Questions about Who’s to Blame and the Involvement of the International Community

Universally perceived creator, Raoul Contreras enlivens somewhat known war disaster, the Khojaly slaughter, with his as of late distributed novel, Murder in the Mountains: Atrocity in Khojaly and the Nagorno-Karabakh Strife.

The awfulness of this specific disaster, the ruthless intrusion and ethnic purging submitted against the town of Khojaly in Azerbaijan, has been seriously exacerbated by an outcome of misguided judgment and foreswearing, and the subsequent and progressing disappointment of the global group to request substantial equity and conclusion for the casualties. There is universal agreement on the occasion and the character of the casualties, but then the known culprits proceed with a similar occupation, as the day progressed. It started on a sharply chilly February night of 1992, when the Armenian government requested its troops to decimate a honest town of 6,000 individuals in the Caucasus Mountains. The town was Khojaly in Azerbaijan’s Karabakh locale. Encompassed on three sides by Armenian troops and their partners, the town was pulverized in under three hours by assault, tanks and several assailants by walking.

Without precedent for his novel, Mr. Contreras opens up the entangled local history and clarifies the global group’s absence of engagement on this issue, and how this absence of worldwide clamor has sustained and widened the extent of foul play for a huge number of guiltless individuals. With the late occasions happening in Azerbaijan and related news ruling the present media, Mr. Contreras sheds lights in his book on the present clash from his point of view as a specialist on fear and atrocities. His profound information on global undertakings alongside his unmistakably American perspective around opportunity and freedom are injected all through the book, offering the peruser a relatable and matter of truth source on the contention and how it interfaces with the more extensive issues inside the district, the Center East, and fear based oppression.

“We live in the Age of the Tweet, and in a country and world with the capacity to focus of a hummingbird. Clashes close and far order extraordinary consideration then all of a sudden vanish down the memory gap. In Murder in the Mountains, writer Raoul Lowery Contreras takes perusers to minimal known Azerbaijan and Armenia in furious clash for centuries…he outlines the contention and its fallout, giving documentation to human rights violations…here is the confirmation of the continuous battle of memory against overlooking”, said Lloyd Billingsley, writer of Bill of Composes: Dispatches from the Political Accuracy Front line and Hollywood Gathering: Stalinist Undertakings in the American Film Industry.

Human Rights Watch called this mass slaughtering of guiltless individuals of Khojaly “the biggest slaughter in the contention” amongst Armenia and Azerbaijan. Khojaly was one of the main abominations of the war pursued by Armenia against Azerbaijan in the mid 1990s, in the end bringing about the unlawful military attack and aggregate ethnic purging of 20% of Azerbaijan’s globally perceived domain. The Khojaly Slaughter speaks to a contention solidified in time; a contention that has no worldwide shock pushing for an answer. Khojaly was just the start of numerous years of assaults and fear. The story must be told, so that such coldhearted mercilessness is never again rehashed.

About the Creator

Raoul Lowery Contreras is universally perceived for composing for The Slope, NY Times Syndicate, Fox News Latino, and different productions over the globe. He has an enthusiasm of discovering untold stories that can cultivate change in our reality. Being a previous Joined States Marine, the account of the Khojaly slaughter impacts him as an account of dread and wrongdoing that should be told.

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