New Album ‘The Light and The Dark’ from Marty Baggen Blends Alternative Rock, Acoustic, and Folk

Vocalist/Lyricist Marty Baggen reported the arrival of his full-length collection The Light and The Dull. Marty composed and made the collection totally himself.

"The name of the collection, The Light and The Dull, portrays the radical states of mind that powered the production of the material. I appreciate assembling things that don’t fit. For instance, achieving a point in a tune where you are looking at something very terrible or excruciating, yet setting it on a stunning and pretty tune. That multifaceted nature and differentiation is the thing that makes this collection unique," says Marty.

The music on the collection is a mix of option shake, acoustic, and people. It sounds like craftsmen like R. E. M., David Bowie, John Mayer, and Diminish Gabriel.

"The vocals strike a Bowie examination, and the style is in the vein of John Mayer yet with a greater amount of a mixed course of action. Melodiously, there is a great deal of closeness with Subside Gabriel as in he puts a considerable measure of accentuation on the phonetic structure of what he is saying," says Marty.

The Light and The Dull is accessible for $8.99 on Amazon: Marty-Baggen/dp/B00HWNK5Q2.

There are 12 tracks on the collection:

1. Your Kingdom

2. The Same Sort of Various

3. You’re No Slave

4. Frank and Eddie

5. Bordertown

6. Dance

7. The Anthem of Oswald

8. Lakes and Roses

9. Religion Murders

10. Radar

11. Alaska

12. You Can Never Go Home

"The second track, ‘A similar Sort of Various,’ is the one I am most pleased with. It will make a decent fit on school radio playlists," says Marty. "Also, the melodies “Gold country,” ‘Lakes and Roses’ and ‘Your Kingdom’ are sure to acquire most loved status with numerous listeners."

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