FREE WEBINAR on April 28th 2015 2:30pm EST – “The Convergence of Physical and Cyber Security: Attacks, Threat Vectors and Responses”

With the most sizzling thing being the “Web of things”, and digital control of physical gadgets raising, another period of weakness is being made where a digital assault will be more than an assault on PCs. It will progressively comprise of assuming control gadgets. Nobody is more defenseless against that than your security usage: get to control, cameras, cautions, bio metric recognizable proof and other security equipment.

David Wallace of Reconnaissance One, in conjunction with physical security pro Security Arrangements Universal SSItm will convey an outline of the full two-day program.Topics incorporate how hard security gadgets at basic foundation and different destinations can be traded off through Digital Assault and uncovering the helplessness of IT Systems by means of an assault through the physical security equipment. Enlist here

Current illustrations incorporate ruptures of airplane terminal get to controls, pipeline disturbances, control blackouts, and basic foundation SCADA control gadgets seized by remote country states and criminal on-screen characters in the internet.

We will examine the accompanying suitable reactions:

– Techno to lessen obligation and presentation to forceful assaults.

– Executing security arrangements and systems at the site level.

– Neighborhood law implementation contribution, basic reaction choices and conventions.

David Wallace

Since establishing Reconnaissance One in 2000, David Wallace has built observation framework organizations in more than 40 states. His firm has worked with various military locales, propelled security programs in touchy professional workplaces, and has exhorted basic framework engineers. He is presently getting his graduate degree in National Security with an accentuation in Digital Security Law & Strategy.

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