iTankData Announces First Mobile App to Monitor Oil Tank Levels

iTankData, declares the arrival of the main ever versatile application that associates oil, water, and substance tanks in the field to any cell phone. Utilizing demonstrated tank observing innovation, the framework takes hourly readings. At the point when an unusual perusing is taken, the iTankData application consequently sends a content and email notice to the client’s operational staff. These checking activities will recognize “creation change or stoppage” or “burglary of oil”. iTankData permits administrators to know, day and night, that their generation is on the web.

With today’s difficulties in the petroleum business, the three key issues are: 1) enhancing cost structure with operational proficiency, 2) diminishing danger to the earth, and 3) lost oil creation. Every one of the three of these issues are decidedly affected by the capacity to nearly screen the execution of a well and a tank.

“We trust all oil makers require the capacity to convey innovation to their tanks and advantage from seeing moment tank information on their mobile phone. We are doing this at a cost never observed. Presently even the little makers can stand to utilize this innovation and spare genuine dollars,” expressed Stuart Schmidt, head of offers and advertising for iTankData.

Burglarize Reyes, General Administrator for Harmonia Petroleum Organization, says, “I can in a split second tell in the event that I have a well down or having issues. By having these mechanized warnings from iTankData, I can rapidly convey our group to survey the circumstance and get creation back on line, and producing income.”

The versatile application can be downloaded for nothing from Apple or Android application stores. The observing gadget for the tank can be acquired from iTankData, either through the application or by reaching iTankData specifically at 817.855.4992.

About iTankData

iTankData is a Texas Partnership, giving propelled innovation and administrations to the petroleum business. With 25 years in oilfield administrations, iTankData is glad to be the single conveyance hotspot for remote tank gaging innovation and well site information. Utilizing the finest field-tried tank checking innovation, combined with best in class web based announcing, iTankData engages administrators with precise, opportune data. Not just an innovation asset, iTankData is a long lasting oil and gas industry specialist co-op.

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